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Jake Meginsky + Neil Cloaca Young / USA / 2018

Friday 19th October at 7.30pm
Sallis Benney Theatre, 58-67 Grand Parade, Brighton, BN2 0JY

'New York is the centre of the universe. Because it is here – in a house decorated with mosaics and a garden full of plants from all over the world – that the American percussionist and free jazz legend Milford Graves has his earthly home. A formidable gentleman and a creative genius, whose own heart rhythm together with the cyclical cosmology of nature has determined the rhythm of his life since the 1960s.

Graves has dedicated his existence to being able to express himself through his music. But his kaleidoscopic creativity is also reflected in his life philosophy and his own invention Yara, a martial art inspired by African dance. It is the deep, human ties to nature that still inspire Graves to turn recordings of his own, beating heart into electronic music. But through clips from throughout his over 50-year-long career, we are reminded of how big an influence Graves has been on everyone who tried to set music free. Welcome all the way into a world of polyrhythms, heartbeats and vibrations from outer space.' - CPH-DOX

'Since the early 1960s Milford Graves has struck a mythic figure in the lineage of New Thing/Free Jazz music and art. A theorist on rhythm defined by inherent emotional impulse (as opposed to a mechanism of strict repetition) he has consistently championed the idea that music is more than an art form to be mastered. In his world, sound is a life force to be in tune with, through regard and respect. With patience and a clear devotion to the beauty of the practice and performance of music, MILFORD GRAVES FULL MANTIS as directed by Jake Meginsky, and co-directed by Neil Young, both experimental musicians from Western Massachusetts, is a portrait of one of the most fascinating lights in the lineage of late 20th century music. It is a sonic visual ode to the ineffable magic of inspired and gracious living.'
- Thurston Moore


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Advance tickets - £5 (+ 50p fee)



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